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Doula Supported Birth - What to Expect

Time to get to know your Doula before the birth

Continuous Labour Support

Early breastfeeding support

At least two meetings before the 37th week, to build trust and answer questions

Physical and emotional support including pain management techniques throughout labour

Successful breastfeeding is more likely if latching occurs soon after birth, I will assist you to help this happen

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Doula's in Durban


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If you are looking for a Doula in Durban, you can go to either of these websites and find information on who is registered in this area

I came across this beautiful article, full of information and is well worth  a read.


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If you are looking for a Midwife birth, Cheryl can take care of you right through your pregnancy and birth. With 19 years in Private Practice, she can offer you the benefit of her extensive experience.

Oct 2018

I have decided to attend the ICEA Doula Course in Johannesburg in November, so I am busy preparing for that and catching up on my reading, there are quite a few books on my reading list! Also busy with babies.

Jan 2019

Happy New Year! A busy start to the year.  I'm really looking forward to supporting all my new couples through their journey to parenthood.

June 2019

Already almost half way through the year, my busiest yet as a doula. Loving the reward of feeling that in some small way, I can ease the passage  of these couples though childbirth. I am still humbled by the strength of the women I support. They are the warriors of our society!


My Doula


My Doula